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Time for a logo


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Our story begins…

RiverRock Studios lives in the heart of NE MPLS, along with many other studios. In order to compete and even be seen, an identity needed to be built. The business had gone almost a decade without a brand and it was time.

We’d begin by conducting a series of Brand DNA exercises to identify the archetype and characteristics that serve as the “personality backbone” for RiverRock Studios, which would drive the mission, offer and brand pilars.



Step 1: Who are you and why should anyone care?

RiverRock Studios is a place where artists come to experience an enjoyable process while having their art captured by experts.

For artists and voice over talent who seek mixing and mastering services, we offer a recording studio focused on your enjoyment and spontaneity.

We bring all art to life unlike other pretentious, quantity-focused recording studios because RiverRock Studios knows that creativity can’t be manufactured — it can only be captured.

As a complete mixing and mastering recording studio, RiverRock Studios:

  • Creates an enjoyable process while bringing artists’ passion to life

  • Initiates active engagement in pre-production conversation

  • Works within client budget

  • Subscribes to quality over quantity

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Brand Pillars (Values)

  • Dependable

    • From the moment you start a conversation with RiverRock Studios, artists feel trust in the process and confidence in the relationship

  • Inspirational

    • We want you succeed and make the best art possible, which means using words of encouragement where necessary

  • Compromising

    • When capturing art in the studio, the ability to give and take improves how efficiently the work gets done

  • Transparent

    • Transparency is key in building a relationship, so audience appreciates how visibly they can see you

  • Resourceful

    • Work with what you got and make it the best it can be



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