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freelance creative director \\ designer
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Typography Forward

Oh, let there be letterforms.


People Underestimate the importance of typography.

From signage on a building, to wayfaring in an airport, to internal documents at a corporation — Font and word pairing decisions, when done right enhance our lives.

I have been interested in letterforms since I was able to write. I respect good typography and enjoy finding typographic solutions for all my clients. I also find joy in playing around with it artistically and that’s what this page is about.


Typography-centered posters

The reason designers decide to be designers


Capita3 One Sheet Infographic

Capita3 is a 21-day lady-leadership program. During 4 weeks, a small group of women, through awareness-based exercises and active discussions, uncover what's blocking them from achieving their professional goals. The group uncovers fears, address real problems vs. creative problems, and take a dive deep into understanding which tasks we are not owning up to and why not. 

Capita3 needed an infographic to showcase their results and feedback from multiple 21 Day Leadership Launch programs for future program development to continue to cultivate strong, confident, female leaders.

Ellen designed a one-sheet that could hold the interest of its viewer within that initial 5 seconds, quickly providing the most beneficial information about the program.

Capita3 Infographic  containing results and feedback from previous programming.

Capita3 Infographic containing results and feedback from previous programming.


Hungry, Horny, Tired

A fine art infographic project based on the three desires college students daydream about the most: hunger, sex drive, and sleep. (Study conducted at Ohio State University.)