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freelance creative director \\ designer


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Meet Your Design Department

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I’m Ellen, a remote creative director and graphic designer who provides value and impact for fitness, nutrition and health & wellness brands by helping build equity with their target markets.


I help the marketing team strategize and roll out their deliverables for the year, providing creative strategy and direction. I also act as a designer, laying out content in a visually exciting, functional and brand-cohesive way.

I knock it out of the marketplace because I know these markets intimately, leveraging all the things I’ve learned from my own wellness journey and working closely with these brands for over five years.


Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota but work with brands all around the United States.


Since 2008, I’ve been on a path of fitness, nutrition and health awareness. I now believe in playing the long game. 

I used to eat like shit, was terribly inactive, and didn’t pay any attention to mind-body connection. For over 10 years I’ve learned a lot during my own journey and it helps me make informed decisions for the brands I serve.

Fun facts about Ellen:

  • Dairy-free since 2008 and never looked back

  • Keeper of abnormal blood glucose levels, monitoring with the Free Style Libre

  • Advocate for Food-as-Medicine prescriptions

  • Pro psychedelics (yep, I said it)

  • CrossFit enthusiast, because the program works

  • Left-handed

  • Aquarius

  • Can sing the blues