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Voice Over

Script Writing and Voice Over


Video is still the most powerful tool.

It’s hard to talk about ourselves, isn’t it? It’s much easier to have someone else capture who you are, what you do, and why should anyone care.

Script writing process:

  1. You have a video idea

  2. You generate an outline of what needs to be discussed during that video

  3. We sit down over a couple information sessions

  4. I fine-tune the script through a couple of iterations

  5. We hire or partner with video creative

  6. My voice has been used for voice over but other talent is also available.


Traveling Tap “What to Expect” Audio

script writing \\ voice over talent \\ audio + video editing

Problem we are trying to solve: Speaking the rules over and over again to every group on the Traveling Tap is time consuming.

The solution: It’s time to template the “rules” and the “what to expect” putting it into an audio format that can be played for every group ahead of their adventure.

Patreon Wildwood Theatre Launch Video

Voice over script written by Ellen Stoehr, with collaboration from Sarah Catcher and Martha McDermott. Video by Acowsay Cinema.

Visit patreon.com/Wildwoodtheatre for more info.

Who We Are : We are Storytellers.

Storyboard and script written by Ellen Stoehr.
Video by David Albino.
Voice over talent: Ellen Stoehr, David Albino, Whitney Hall, Martha McDermott.