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TLG Survival Guide

Package Design

At TLG, a team of interns were nominated to create something useful for future TLG interns. We came up with a survival guide idea due to having so many questions and concerns as a new person in such a large company. The survival guide would be on the interior of a triangular prism package design. Choosing the shape was driven by interests in geometry and the challenge of creating such a shape. The package design was created to hold pens, pencils, small post-it note pads, and paper clips and clasps. (These are items one receives upon their arrival at TLG as a new employee.) 

How it’s used

The new employee would arrive at his or her work space, open the package to find necessary items and then realize that there is useful information pertaining to his or her "survival" on the interior of the package. Clever, honest and “too-much-information” are themes we leveraged when writing the copy. Because it’s IMPORTANT TO KNOW where to the secret bathroom is, right?