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freelance creative director \\ designer

Creative Services

How I can serve you

I create things of value and serve clients thoughtfully, honestly and artistically.

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Branding for small businesses

You don’t know what you don’t know

Entrepreneurs and startups undermine the value of brand strategy: the mission, vision and values. It is the backbone of the brand, the funnel you run every decision through. 

In this process, I’ll guide us through a brand DNA exercise, marketing activity, logo concepting, and brand traits development.

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Print + Digital Collateral

Simply put: This is formatting — laying out images and text together in a harmonious way across multiple compositions: an ad, a brochure, a magazine, a post, a flyer, a presentation, etc. 

...always making sure to leave plenty of white space.

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Powerpoint DESIGN + clean up

Need a presentation but don’t know how to tell your story or have time to build slides? 

I will clean up your slides or build a deck from scratch. 

The best presentations contain minimal content while aligning a strong talk track.

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Infographics + Illustration

Fonts, icons, and good layout. Let’s speak to your audience visually.

It’s important to find an interesting way to showcase your data or story.

I’ll turn your spreadsheet data into something energetic and easy to read. 

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Creative direction For projects

It’s all about how you tell the story and I’m filled with ideas. I learn visually and speak visually.

Maybe it’s a lawn sign that serves to raise money, or a Facebook Ad Campaign, or a promotional video with voice over — whatever you’re up against, together we’ll create a theme, fine-tune the right language, and implement strong visuals to tell a damn good story.

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everything else

Content development.
Video and photography.
Web development. 

I partner with many local creative vendors for services outside my toolbox. These talented contractors have excellent portolfios, serving everyone from small businesses to corporate giants.