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Blessed Ramadan; Designing a sign for the MN Council of Churches

The issue
We are in a context of increased disrespect for Muslims. From hate crimes to a presidential campaign where fear and hate speech seem to becoming more of the norm. Perhaps Minnesotans, as our best selves, could turn the tides with a shared narrative of respect that stands in quiet opposition to the bigotry and hatefulness.

The solution
A sign design to place in the yards of communities with a simple message, "To Our Muslim Neighbors: Blessed Ramadan," during the Ramadan season; the beginning of consideration for an opportunity to grow a movement this Ramadan.

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Save the Dates for Brooke and Sam

I was having dinner with my dear friends Brooke and Sam who recently got engaged, to be married in September. After multiple questions to Brooke on the wedding color palette, dress, location, and food, I asked, “When are the Save the Dates going out?” Brooke looked at Sam and it was evident that they didn’t plan on sending out any Save the Dates—only the invitations. It was at that moment I insisted to design the Save the Dates on their behalf because I know how quickly calendars fill up in September due to weddings and other weekend events. September be cray-cray.

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