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A Story About Moldavite

Ellen Stoehr and Moldavite.jpg

My friend Kate and I went to the Enchanted Rock Garden, where they sell fossils, fluorescents, crystals, metaphysical stones, pocket stones, and more. Kate was eager to make a “negativity sponge” for a friend going through a hard time. (A “negativity sponge” here, means a special selection of rocks that output positive energy and take away negative energy — rocks like Selenite, Onyx, Kyanite and some others I can’t recall the names of.)

When we walked in, I felt an immediate neutral energy wash over me, meaning I became completely relaxed. (Because, you know, rocks are filled with cosmic power.)

Then I asked Bob (a rock genius) where the #Moldavite was and he pulled out the goods and told me everything he knew. You see, ever since my naturopath friend, Amber told me about Moldavite — the cool of story of where it comes from — I’ve been keeping an eye out for a necklace. This pendant in the picture above spoke to me. In fact, it chose me, much like the wand choosing the wizard. #harrypotter

The Story of Moldavite:

The common explanation for Moldavite formation was the result of intense meteorite showers dating back 15-20 million years. When a meteor strikes the earth, elements and minerals fuze and react. The most prized specimens are the deeply grooved and clear green pieces. Moldavite is considered the only gem to be from space.

Moldavite was found in the Bohemian sites near the Moldau River Valley, north of Prague, Czech Republic and are believed to have come from a meteorite crater in Germany. Thus, they were named after the location and the surrounding areas. Moldavite was limited to only people considered royalty and nobility in the Middle Ages. The green moldavites have been and continues to be used for stones in jewelry.

Moldavite is known in the healing world to aid in the expansion of consciousness, rapid transformation, visionary experiences, creates clarity and raises the vibration of your body.


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