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Happy 7th Anniversary

July 2nd.

This day marks the 7th anniversary of our relationship. Seven years of love, growth and friendship. How strange then, that on this day he is moving out of our apartment and moving on with his own life. The band is breaking up. 

The universe works in mysterious ways.

Here I sit in a disheveled and disrupted apartment in Northeast Minneapolis. The rugs are rolled up, exposing the wood floor. It’s messy. There’s cat liter crumbs scattered about on the floor from the nearby liter boxes. 

There’s no where to sit down and take a load off. Our cozy couch and chair are gone — taken away by the trash the day before. These sculptures held many memories of laughter, love, business talk, physical touch but also fatigue, frustration and sadness. All that remains in this space is an Ikea armchair, a cluttered coffee table and some sad plants. The Ikea armchair and ottoman are wrapped in plastic, making it uncomfortable to sit in and thus unusable. It’s wrapped up this way so when Pearl sprays on it, it doesn’t leak into the upholstery. 

Pearl, our sweet little white kitten adopted in April has separation anxiety, expressing it in the form of peeing, has completely ruined our furniture. We’ve tried everything and it’s been exhausting. Richard, our other cat who we’ve had longer, seems upset. Both of them know something strange is going on in this house. What they don’t know is that Richard is going with Gavin and Pearl is going to the humane society. 

I exhale a deep sigh.

There’s a canvas print leaning against the wall. It’s a picture of me and him at my 30th birthday party. We are smiling with sun in our eyes.

I look at my home office and wonder how I’ll work in a space that feels so disrupted. 

I enter our bedroom and stare at our king size bed. I remember picking out this mattress at the Sleep Sherpa, a place where you can “test drive” mattresses. We laid on all kinds of mattresses and this one was the right feel and the right price. I remember how excited we were when it got delivered to our house. We brought in the ‘compressed tootsie roll’ and cut it open and watched in awe as the mattress expanded. 

It’s so comfortable. 

But it feels so big for one person. Too big.

Soon his parents will arrive and help him start moving stuff out, marking the beginning of our official separation. 

Happy 7th Anniversary.