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The Word "Discombobulate"

discombobulate :: Doesn’t this word sound exactly like its meaning? It sounds like a dad word. A word dad would use to describe how I took apart my #Lego creations and left them all over the floor. 

Words AMUSING - discombobulate_02- Ellen Stoehr Design.png

verb \\ disconcert or confuse (someone): (as adjective discombobulated) : He is looking a little pained and discombobulated | This attitude totally discombobulated Bruce.

Font education: Avenir was designed in 1988 (the year of my birth) by @AdrianFrutiger. The word #Avenir means “future” in French and hints that the typeface owes some of its interpretation to Futura, the font, (designed in 1932). It's a yummy, versatile font that you will start to notice everywhere. @TheWalker, @bloomberg, and @spotify uses it for their #wordmark (pretty sure), and as a graphic designer, I’ve seen it in many #brandguidelines. It’s great for body copy (in it’s lighter weights) and also looks good as a header. Use Avenir and look modern.

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