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The Word "Caveat"

Words Perplexing - Caveat - Ellen Stoehr Design_01.png

Caveat. Doesn’t this word look funny? 🤔 Is it pronounced “Cave-at” (like short hand for “I’m at a cave” 🤘🏽) or pronounced “Cav-eat” like [cav-eat]? And what does it even mean?? This word started showing up in college and for years people have used the word #Caveat in the conversation, especially in the design meeting world and every time, I’m like, “what the fuck does this word mean?” Anyone else feel this way? Double tap if yes👆🏼Here’s the definition:

📖 noun \\ a warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.
[Law a notice, especially in a probate, that certain actions may not be taken without informing the person who gave the notice.]

🔎 Regina Black Solid is a thick, curvy, bootylicious typeface that works great for Chocolate Shops, romantic gestures, turn-of-the century-influence, pin-up stuff, and all-things fanciful and full-bodied. 👛👠🍫🍧🎂🛍 Designed by @charlesandthorn

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