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Now 31

Ellen Stoehr Finally 30.jpg

Now 31

Exactly 1 year ago on this day I turned 30 and threw a party. “Finally 30,” I called it and it was SUCH A GOOD TIME. I threw all my friend tribes into one room together and gave a presentation FROM A LAPTOP I HELD IN MY HANDS and you all listened. [Applause for you.]

KasenRumpf took photos. @CourtneyZuercher exercised her party-planning brain and pulled off a hell of a party on a budget. Family helped me setup and TAKE DOWN.

Mom got me a giant #nondairy cake from @Woullet with a million words on it and there was so much left over that I had #CakeDays for nearly 4 days. (That was tough on the system, I’ll be honest.) Bottom line: Thanks again everyone for a special night and thanks mom and dad for bringing me and my gifts to the planet.

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