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My Lady Lean In Circle

Ellen Stoehr Design Gratitude Squares Lean In Circle-Definition-03.png

Are you a part of an intimate group or community? Like, I’m talking #VULNERABILITY -level intimate? A group where you can be ugly, angry, cry, yell, laugh, fart, being completely unapologetic for showing up as your truest self? I have been fortunate to be a part of many intimate “tribes” through the different seasons of my life. The one I’d like to highlight today is the most recent  : :  A dear friend of mine [@sylvielakshmi] asked me if I’d be interested in co-facilitating a Lean In Circle starting in October 2018, ending in May 2019. #isaidyes and BOY am I so grateful I did. For those who don’t know, Lean In Circles are defined in a picture above.

This week, I am grateful for our small group of 6 amazing women for a couple different reasons:

  • 1 \\ I feel heard, valued and empowered in this group. You guys make me feel like I can do ANYTHING. Thank you.

  • 2 \\ I feel held accountable for my monthly goals, and inspired by everyone else’s goals! And I treasure our conversations that happen when someone fails at completing a goal (which happens often), because failure is okay, but it’s important to understand why it was a fail.

  • 3 \\ I feel so comfortable and safe completely exposing myself AND FELT THIS WAY SINCE DAY 1. 

Why is this relevant? Because I want this feeling for EVERYONE. I want everyone on planet earth 🌎 to be able to have these different pockets of safe spaces with people who love you just the way you are. On the other side of that coin, I encourage you to BREAK TIES with tribes that do the opposite: Put you down, discourage you, make fun of you, treat you differently when you try to change or evolve. Lastly, I highly recommend facilitating or joining a #leanincircle, especially if you really NEED to work on yourself, personally or professionally. Small groups are BEST.

Thank you Lean In [@leaninorg]. Thank you women AND MEN across all my tribes for loving me as I am — You know who you are. I love you back.

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