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Gratitude Diaries: My Father


My father. Things I love about this man: He reminds me of #RobinWilliams. He has a great ability to imitate people. He has a great memory so he’s always giving me little nuggets of what our grandparents said, imitating them. He is a master used-car discoverer. This man knows how to attract things into his life, especially amazing used cars. His love language is acts of service, so when I ask for his help on home projects, helping me move, any car maintenance, he always shows up. One thing I treasure most about my dad is that he’s been sober since 2004 which means, I get a very present father. Never do I find an unreliable, hijacked-by-chemicals sunken idol. The father he received growing up was just that — a drunk, angry, violent man. He’s told me many times that he never wanted that for his children. I am grateful everyday for this version of my dad.

Our relationship today is fantastic but it wasn’t always this way. Junior year of high school — when I was smoking pot, drinking, staying out late, ditching school, being an entitled little know-it-all — we butt heads quite a bit. He was trying to manage a house as a post-divorced single parent. I felt like I was never heard and wanted freedom, so I moved out of his house and in with my 88 year old grandma where I had LOADS of freedom. That was a good call, because we needed time apart. Glad we’re done with that phase and good luck to all the fathers out there THAT HAVE YET to experience that phase. Might be #unpleasant but like #Bane says in #TheDarkKnightRises, “This great city [you], it will endure. Gotham will survive.” :
Sometimes I think about what life would be like if he were gone and I get so sad. I cry as I type. Isn’t that a strange feeling? To imagine your parent(s) gone from the earth? The imagination is so powerful that my whole body feels the loss when I have these thoughts. Dad, I’m glad you’re still alive and according to you, “In the best shape of your life.” #kudos

His ability to adapt and evolve with age is truly remarkable. While most humans are creatures of habit and become stuck in their ways the older they get, my dad understands that change is good; adaptation is necessary to survive.

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