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Gratitude Diaries: Jenny + Tyler at Acowsay Cinema

Ellen Stoehr Design Grastitude Square Jenny and Tyler.png

This #GratitudeSquaregoes out to 2 very special creatives: Jenny and Tyler \\ filmmakers at @acowsay \\ telling stories about the things that matter most.

When I met Jenny at Alchemy, I immediately fell in love with her kindness (and her sexy Helen Hunt vibes. Truth.) It wasn’t until months later that I found out she was a creative doing gorgeous video and photography work for @acowsay and @engleolson. I told her about “Tales from the Wood” — a video series that illuminates real people talking about their #mentalhealth — a project I was helping @wildwoodtheatre try to get off the ground. She graciously responded to me with a, “Maybe there’s a way I can help.”

At Acowsay Cinema, Jenny introduced me to owner Tyletlr Eichorst and his remarkable #creativedirector brain. They generously offered to sponsor some videos for us and WE WERE FILLED WITH FREAKEN JOY > Furthermore they committed to shooting the videos in our really tight timeline and offered up their studio as a location when we said, “We don’t have a place to shoot.” This was back in October, and as I think about it now, I am so grateful for their generosity...A huge thank you to the both of you and your team. :
For the #creatives 🎨 reading this out there — you know what it means to #DOWORK #FORFREE. Sometimes it’s challenging, but often it’s rewarding. These 2 people saw what we were doing, believed in it, and said yes to helping us. I want to be more like Jenny and Tyler. 🥳 You should too.

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