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Gratitude Diaries: Coach Zack Teska

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Today’s #gratitudesquareon #gratituesday goes to the amusing movement extraordinaire-ist, Coach Zack Teska, @dancekebab

Sometimes I don’t know how to ask for help or I forget that help is available. 🤔Over the past 3 months, I’ve been regularly going to Zack’s #GymnasticsClass (“Gymnasty” @crossfit_nordeast) working on different gymnastics movements each month. At the turn of 2019, I mentioned to Zack that I REALLY want this pull-up in 2019 but don’t know how to get it. He must have seen this as a passive “help” and wrote me a quick 4-week program that finally helped me create disciplined sessions of pull-up work-only. BIG THANKS for helping me out.

In addition, I gotta hand it to Zack for creating such a fun space and being so entertaining. Every #gymnasty class is filled with laughter, very public failure, wins, surprises, “are you sure you want to lift me? 😬," side conversations, and hard work. Zack seems to understand the value and balance of education and tom foolery, which is totally how I learn and thrive. Work > Play/Laugh > Work > Play/Laugh. Zack, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. Plus, everyone else in class is so awesome — I feel among my #tribe.

Shout out to Coach Gavin @gavinmartinfitness who has also been instrumental in pushing me every Thursday for 4 weeks, giving me an hour of pull-up time, core time and push-up time. Who loves you, Gav? 💋

I am happy to report there’s been a development in the gymnastics part of my life. After 29 months of wanting it, I have finally achieved 1 STRICT PULL-UP. WHAT?! I’m still in denial/shock.

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