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Gratitude Diaries: Beth + Laurel

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To Beth and Laurel — the ones who put me on this path — Today’s #Gratituesday is for you fine women and #girlbosses. I’ve been thinking about you both lately. Truth be told I think of you guys daily, but I’ve been thinking about what life would be like had I never worked for LSP nor Lorem Ipsum. \\ Would I be where I am today? \\ Doing the work I love? \\ With the privilege to work from home? \\ Making good money? \\ In a state of flow and creativity most days? #WhoKnows

Laurel — when I think of you, I think of you laughing or making a joke. You are preserved this way in my mind. You’ve got this sense of playfulness about you that keeps you #foreveryoung and because you are curious in nature, you are constantly learning and growing. The thing I admire about you is your generosity; Always serving others. You’ve given me money, old clothes, perfume samples, experiences, trips, fancy car rides, nice dinners, and so many good memories. What’s more, is you’ve taught me the mindset of #abundance; “Have this, take that, there will always be more.” As I type this, my whole face and heart are smiling with joy. We’ve shared so many intimate and emotional moments. I am so grateful that you came into my life. : Beth — when I think of you, I think of you wowing the shit out of me and everyone else in the room with your eloquent problem-solving. Your ability to think up a solution and put it into words and next steps in such a graceful, productive and crystal-clear manner is #BigMagic, my friend. Downright sexy. You are such a special person #QueenBetty and here’s why: You are one of the finest listeners I’ve ever known and you are filled with compassion. You seem to understand where people are coming from. Whenever I’ve come to you with a problem or a frustration, you listen to me with your whole heart and know how to talk me up and calm me down. You’re a terrific leader Betty-2-Liter and I am so glad to know you.

Between the 2 of you, I consider it a privilege to have served time in your incubator of comedy, hard work, and real talk. I am eternally grateful for both of you gorgeous, powerful, confident Lady Leaders. With all my ♥️ ...ellen

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