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The Sea Squirt: A connection between the brain and movement


The Sea Squirt is a strange creature. It moves slowly over acres of ocean floor, searching for the most PERFECT HOME. It considers temperature, pressure, and safety, for when it decides on “the one” it blissfully secures itself to the pier, dock, boat hull, rock, or shell. There are a sessile creature meaning once they find a home, they never move again. Once secure, it quickly eats its brain and lives its best life in that spot. That’s right. IT. EATS. ITS. BRAIN. >>>> WHAT????

I learned this statistic in college and later re-learned it when I read “The Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ” by @giuliaenders, and was fascinated by it for the same reason the author is fascinated by it: To call out the relationship between movement and the brain. “If you’re a tree and can’t choose whether you move or not, you don’t need a brain.” Same goes for the Sea Squirt. If you’re done motoring, you can eat your brain goodbye. 🙋🏽‍♀️🧠

Why am I talking about this? Because humans have motored around the planet their whole existence. It’s what we do. And apparently that’s a big part of why we have brains and I wonder what happens to our brains the more we evolve into sedentary creatures. We all agree that it’s TOO EASY to live a sedentary life today, especially in a metropolis, right? 😳 Delivery, internet, work from home. Bed > Car > Desk Chair > Car > Couch. As someone who works from home...oh man, leaving the house can take days. DAYS.
Enders says that “Movement is the most extraordinary thing ever developed by living creatures. There is no other reason for having muscles, no other reason for having nerves in those muscles, and probably no other reason for having a brain. Everything that has ever been done in the history of humankind was only possible because we are able to move.”

In humans, the 🧠 brain is 5% of our body mass but require 20% of our energy. Without having done much research on this, here’s a thought: Energy is about movement, curiosity, passion, love. Use it or lose it. Dance, yoga, CrossFit, group fitness classes, zumba, bicycle, walk, run, jump. Move your body; give your brain the means to thrive..........and be glad you ain’t no #seasquirt

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