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In Season 8, Episode 14 of The Office, Dwight Schrute says this: “The Schrutes have a word for when everything in a man's life comes together perfectly. ‘Perfectenschlag.’ Right now, I am in it.” Then he goes on to list why...

I’ll be honest — Most of 2018 was perfectenschlag: My design business, @WildwoodTheatre, friendships, health, fitness, overall continuing education — AND THEN THE END OF 2018 was oddly turned upside-down. (I originally wrote this in January but a lot of deaths and strange happenings have occurred, so here I am publishing it now) And here I am now, sorting it all out and it’s made me think a lot about balance… the yin and yang of life — like Luke Skywalker ⚪️and Darth Vader ⚫️. It’s pretty common knowledge that human beings need to know opposite ends of the spectrum to live a full life — 

You need to know light so you can know dark \\ Loss : Love \\ Rage : Calm \\ Wet : Dry.

And I think we often forget, especially when we’re in the middle of an upside-down situation that there is far more room for growth in the ⚫️.

It’s just like weight lifting...we’ll say a heavy back squat. It’s difficult, awful and uncomfortable and you feel like you’re going to fail but the more time under tension, the stronger you get. What’s more, is now you’ve felt this heavy weight, you can mentally carry a heavier load… Like people who have run marathons: “I’ve ran 26.2 miles! I can do anything.” Or women who’ve given birth. 🥵

I try to remind myself that when things are super hard or uncomfortable THEN IT’S PROBABLY WORKING, so stay the fucking course Ellen.

For those who are in perfectenschlag RIGHT NOW, enjoy this bliss. And when the pendulum does swing and something terrible or just unfortunate happens, remember that ⚫️ will only make you stronger AND it will make you enjoy future bouts of perfectenschlag or ⚪️THAT MUCH MORE. Ah, the balance of life. 🥵🌎💋🙏🏽🤬😍🙏🏽

Font education: this font pictured is ONE OF MY FAVORITE FONTS OF ALL TIME: #bodoni #italic -- Bodoni is so times, so elegant. The tear drops on the ends of the curvy letters are so magnificent. Be still my ♥️.

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