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"...But I know WHY I'm doing it."

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Once upon a time I had a long discussion with @katiesteller at @stellerconnect. One topic spiraled into the next and before you know it, 2 hours had gone by — 2 hours WELL SPENT, I might add. Through our various topics, we touched a lot on ‘why we both do the things we do’… What drives us; What lights the fire beneath our bottoms to take action. Towards the end of this topic, we both agreed that we usually can define WHY we do certain things and then she said, “I don’t [always] know what I’m doing but I know WHY I’m doing it” and I thought to myself, “Yep, exactly.” This is something I relate to frequently.

So what is THAT? What is this desire that fuels us to “wing-it?” Where does it come from? I have an idea. I think it’s creativity; The human need to create stuff, stuff of value, stuff created out of love. Sometimes we don’t know what we want to create (what will it look like? how will it manifest?) but we know WHY we we want to create it. When this fire burns inside of you, please don’t try to put it out. Let it burn, let it get brighter. Fuel it. This is your creativity talking to you — as @elizabeth_gilbert_writer might say, “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt to discover those jewels –– that's creative living.”

When you trust this process, amazing things happen. And the “what” eventually does become clear. At least that's what I've experienced. 🌺

Thanks again for that deep conversation dear Katie. Until next time, keep the fire burning. 🔥

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