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The Word "Extraordinary"

Words Perplexing_Extraordinary2_04.png

Extraordinary. As a kid, this word always threw me for a loop because it’s the word “ordinary” with “extra” in front of it……….yet, people used the word as a compliment, something positive. I would let the word hit my ears and think about it for 15 minutes after the fact, measuring the context in which the word was delivered. Something like this: “Okay, so my art teacher said the drawing was extraordinary and then said she liked detail and 3-dimensionality I put into the living room furniture…hmm…” It always sounded like someone was calling me “ultra ordinary.” But I never was ordinary. Good thing it all adds up now. #specialgirl #headscratcher

Here is the word’s actual definition: adjective \\ very unusual or remarkable: the extraordinary plumage of the male | [with clause] : it is extraordinary that no consultation took place.

This font is called #Majestibanner and it was designed by Joe Prince. Majesti Banner is a serif with hairline strokes giving it an elegance and timelessness. I’ve pulled out the fancy glyphs for the capital ‘E’ , the ‘d’ and and the ‘y’ which creates a sense of rhythm and whimsicality to the word. It feels like an Audrey Hepburn font. It feels like Dick VanDyke when he sings “it’s a jolly holiday with Mary” in #MaryPoppins. It feels quite #British, actually. The teardrops of the ear on the ‘r’ and the double-story ‘a’ are subtle nuances that make these letterforms #bloodygorgeous. Don’t you agree?

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