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freelance creative director \\ designer

RiverRock Studios

Time for a logo


RiverRock Studios in NE MPLS

The problem: RiverRock Studios lives in the heart of NE MPLS, along with many other studios. In order to compete and even be seen, an identity needed to be built.

The solution: Conduct a series of brand DNA exercises to identify the archetype and characteristics that serve as backbone for RiverRock Studios. Using conceptual thinking and open communication with the client, a full identity was created, as was a guideline of tone and visuals to use in messaging.

RiverRock Studios is a place where artists come to experience an enjoyable process while having their art captured by experts. For artists and voice over talent who seek mixing and mastering services, we offer a recording studio focused on your enjoyment and spontaneity. We bring all art to life unlike other pretentious, quantity-focused recording studios because RiverRock Studios knows that creativity can’t be manufactured — it can only be captured.